Suspected reports of Asian hornet in Ireland are most often of the native Greater horntail wasp. The European hornet is not known to be present in Ireland but it is a species that may also arrive. If you see a big stinger it is NOT an Asian hornet.
As Asian hornet is one of 37 EU Regulated Invasive Alien Species of Union concern [1143/2014], suspected sightings should be reported to the National Biodiversity Data Centre or DAFM so it can be verified by an expert. Please provide a photograph or retain a specimen if possible.
Find attached a simple one page identification guide to the Asian hornet.  This includes information on the identification features of two other species it may be confused with: the Greater horntail wasp and the European hornet.  Also attached is an information note from the Department of Food, Agriculture and the Marine (DAFM).
Identificaiton Guide to the Asian Hornet Bio Diversity Ireland.pdf
DAFM Information Note .pdf